Pigmentation and uneven skin tone is something that will affect 90% of us by the time we reach 50. The damage happens either from UV damage, hormonal fluctuations or from physical injury. As our skin tries to protect itself, it releases melanin to protect the DNA in our cells which over time will reach the outer layers of our skin resulting in uneven patches.

There are so many products and treatments available these days to try and correct and improve pigmentation but the one that stands out from them all is the Cosmelan Peel. With origins in Spain, Cosmelan is the worlds leading professional depigmenting treatment.

So, how does it work? Cosmelan works to correct hyperpigmentation while also regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, preventing further pigmentation. It has a powerful combination of both pigment lighteners and pigment suppressors including kojic acid, azelaic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid and arbutine.

Who is suitable for? The great thing about the Cosmelan is that it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

What is the process? After you have had your consultation you will be started on the Resurfacing Peel Booster which helps remove dead skin cells and ensures a more even peel and results. Once the prep has been completed, you will come back into clinic where the Cosmelan Peel will be applied and will remain on your skin for between 8-10 hours depending on your skin type. After the prescribed time you will remove it with warm water. For the next 7 months you will apply the prescribed homecare as directed. You will receive a full aftercare kit along with comprehensive instructions and regular, scheduled follow up appointments.

What is the cost? The cost of the Cosmelan Depigmenting Programme is $1800 which includes your Pre and Post Care products worth over $1000, the application of the Cosmelan Peel in clinic and regular follow up appointments. (We have Genoapay and AfterPay available).

What can I expect? The Cosmelan Peel itself is very comfortable. When it is applied, it resembles a mud mask. Once it is removed after the prescribed time, your face will feel very warm. The next day expect your face to be very red, feel warm and tight, much like a bad sunburn would feel. You will usually begin to peel from Day 3 and continue to peel for at least the next 4-5 days with some people experiencing peeling for up to 2 weeks. Generally, the first week is when you’ll peel the most with mild flaking for the second week. From Day 3, you will begin on the Cosmelan 2 cream applying morning and night for the first 3 months and then nightly from month 4-7. This cream is applied like a serum and you are able to wear makeup over it as per normal. It is very important to continue with the programme for the full 7 months to achieve the best results.

Before and 2 weeks after initial Cosmelan

What results can I expect? Clinical studies have shown a 90% improvement for most people.

I want to know more, what do I do? Simple! Just book a consultation at Enhance Cosmedic to see if the Cosmelan Peel is right for you!

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