How does it work?

Your teeth are made of Dentin and Enamel.  The Dentin is what gives your teeth their natural colour.  The enamel sits over the dentin and this is what the stains get absorbed into and causes the discolouration. 

Think of enamel like a window that sits over your tooth. With cosmetic teeth whitening we are cleaning the “window” to reveal the true colour of your teeth.

The actual process uses a very gentle 6% hydrogen peroxide gel which is applied to each individual tooth.  A specially developed light is then placed near the teeth, and this light activates the gel. During the process, there are three 15 minute cycles during which the gel works its way into the base of the enamel where the stains accumulate and bleaches them.

Is it safe?

This particular system although very effective, is very gentle on the teeth.  The gel used is safer than that of orange juice on the enamel and is the only system to be approved by the NZ Dental Association.

What does the whitening gel do?

The enamel of your teeth contains millions of microscopic pores.

Over the years, unprocessed compounds from food, drink and tobacco go into these pores causing discolouration & staining.

Teeth Whitening happens when the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen molecules, which enter through the porous enamel to the dentin, which is the actual ‘tooth bone’, directly under the enamel.

It is the Dentin that provides the tooth its ivory-white colour.

These oxidising molecules enter the minuscule pores of the enamel and bleaches the coloured substances so that the natural white-ivory colour of the Dentin can be seen clearly.

The enamel pores usually remain open for up to 24 hours after treatment. It is therefore recommended that only white food and drink are consumed over this post whitening period to avoid re-staining.

Do you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned prior to the appointment?

It is not mandatory although we do recommend you have a dental checkup prior to an appointment to ensure you have no dental issues prior to treatment.  Do not book a whitening treatment within 4 weeks of any dental work including a scale and polish.

I have very sensitive teeth, will I be OK?

This particular system is very gentle and we generally have no issues with sensitivity however, if you are concerned, you can brush your teeth with a desensitising toothpaste for a few weeks before your appointment.

How white will my teeth get?

This depends on a few factors, how stained they are to begin with.  If your teeth are heavily stained you may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.  If your enamel is not very porous, you may require a second treatment as there are fewer channels for the gel to get into.  Your teeth will never go whiter than they are genetically predisposed to therefore if your teeth are more ivory coloured than white, to get them bright white you would need to look at porcelain veneers.  there are two treatment options available:

Signature 60 minute treatment for mild to moderate staining $249

Platinum Whitening Treatment for moderate to severe staining or those that want to achieve the ultimate whitening treatment which comprises of two 60 minute treatment one week apart $399

I have caps/veneers, will these whiten?

No, caps and veneers are not porous like a natural tooth.

How long will my whitening last?

This varies from person to person and depends on diet and lifestyle; for a few fortunate individuals with atypical diets the effects can last up to 1-2 years.

However, for most, their teeth whitening lasts 6 – 9 months.

Periodic touch-up treatments are recommended 3-monthly for clients who frequently consume coffee or other staining foods and drinks or for those that use tobacco products.

Is there anyone that cannot have cosmetic teeth whitening?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding unfortunately we cannot do a treatment.

You must be over 18 years of age.

Do I need to do anything special beforehand or after my appointment?

Before your appointment, please DO NOT brush your teeth with toothpaste within 4 hours before your appointment,  Toothpaste contains ingredients that block the pores which will stop the gel from getting in and working.

After your teeth whitening appointment you MUST adhere to a white diet for 24-48 hours  to prevent restaining of your teeth after treatment.

A white diet includes foods such as rice, vanilla yoghurt, cauliflower, chicken, fish etc.  A good rule of thumb is if you were to spill what you are eating or drinking on a white shirt and it would leave a stain, it will stain your teeth in the 48 hours after your treatment.

How can I maintain my white smile?

Use a whitening toothpaste, brush your teeth after tea, coffee and red wine.  

You can purchase a whitening pen ($29) which can be used nightly or every few nights to help maintain your results.

Book a maintenance whitening treatment every 3 months.  This is a quick 20 minute whitening treatment which helps prevent staining from getting deep into the enamel.  A maintenance appointment is $89.

How much does it cost?

Our signature 60 minute treatment is $249 and is suitable for mild to moderate staining.

Our Platinum treatment is $399 and comprises of two 60 minute treatments one week apart and is suitable for moderate to severe staining or those that want the ultimate whitening treatment.

We recommend a maintenance, refresh whitening treatment of 20 minutes, every 3 months to maintain your initial results.  The cost of these refresh treatments are $89 and are only available to clients that have had a full whitening treatment at Enhance Cosmedic.