Collagen Induction Therapy, Dermal Skin Infusion and Dermal Blading are all effective treatments to help with boosting collagen, improving tone, texture and overall appearance of the skin.  Collagen Induction therapy works by creating a controlled injury to the skin, which in turn, signals the skin to heal itself. It does this be releasing fibroblasts that lay down new collagen and stimulate elastin production, thickening the dermis and plumping up fine lines and wrinkles.  Customised serums are applied during the process to address either photoaging, pigmentation, hydration or a combination of all. A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended, which is why we have created the following packages.

Silver Package

Mild Sun Damage, Pigmentation, Fine Lines

3 x 60 minute Collagen Induction Therapy treatments 

FREE Cleanser

$ 650  ( value $809)

Gold Package

Moderate Sun Damage, Pigmentation, Moderate Lines

3 x Dermal Blading

3 X Collagen InductionTherapy treatments

3 x Dermal Infusion Skin Treatments

FREE Cleanser & Anti Aging Sunblock

$ 1250  ( value $1613)

Platinum Package

Severe Sun Damage, Pigmentation, Deep Lines

5 x Dermal Blading

5 x Collagen Induction Therapy treatments

5 x Dermal Infusion Skin treatments

FREE Cleanser, Anti-Aging Serum, Age Rescue C, Anti Aging SunBlock

$2250 (Value $2841)


Take advantage of our Dermal Infusion Skin Treatment package to boost hydration and bring back your glow.

Dermal Infusion treatments work by delivering personalised serums deep into the skin using electroporation technology.  Very low voltage electrical currents pass over the skin creating microchannels allowing serums to diffuse deep into the skin and through the cell walls.  This technology means that 90% of the serums are utilised as opposed to 10% with a traditional facial.

Buy a 6 treatment package and save $150!

Package price is $750.


Dermal blading is an effective yet gentle method of exfoliation.  A sterile surgical blade is used to remove fine vellus hair and dead, dry skin cells revealing beautiful, glowing skin.  Dermal Blading is completely painless and suitable for almost all skin types.

Standard Dermal Blade treatment, ( double cleanse, pre treatment enzyme serum, full face dermal blade, moisturiser and sunblock), is $99.  

Deluxe Derma Blade treatment is the addition of either a peptide, collagen boosting mask or an intensely hydrating hyaluronic mask, along with a custom serum application.  This is $125.

A dermal blade treatment can combined with other skin treatments including dermal peels, dermal infusion skin treatments and also collagen induction therapy.  By having a dermal blade treatment prior to any of these treatments it can increase the effectiveness of each treatment.  

Add a standard dermal blade treatment to any other treatment for just $55.


Prepay for 5  Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments and receive your 6th FREE!

Cost $1200  (Saving $240!)

Prepay for 5 Dermal Infusion Skin Treatments and receive your 6th FREE!

Cost $ 750  ( Saving $150!)

Prepay for 5 Dermal Blading Treatments and receive your 6th FREE!

Cost  $495 (Saving $99!)

Prepay for 5 Deluxe Dermal Blading Treatments and receive your 6th FREE! 

Cost $ 625  ( Saving $125!)

Unsure what package you need to address your skin concerns?  Book a consultation and we can create a custom package just for you.