Dermablading is a very popular treatment that not only helps to remove the fine, downy hair on the face but also an effective treatment to remove dry, dull skin cells revealing a glowing skin.

A sterile surgical blade  is very carefully mamouvered over the surface of the skin with a gentle pressure to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

Dermablading is ideal for a variety of skin types and complexions and is a great, safe alternative for pregnant and breast feeding women.

Rest assured that hair does not grow back thicker or darker as it is physically impossible to change the genetic structure of a hair.  In saying that this treatment would not be good for those clients that suffer from conditions like poly cystic ovary syndrome.

The benefits of dermablading include:

– smoother skin

– provides deeper product penetration

– reduces the appearance of acne scars

– stimulates cellular turnover improving fine lines and wrinkles

– helps to give makeup a flawless finish

Cost:  $95

Add in a Mesoesetic serum after treatment to target photo-aging  or pigmentation for just $25